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photo credit Molly Condit @Great Bear Media

Hello,  I'm Jennifer Luciana and I read energy.  

Every soul holds energy, including animals and those who have passed away.  We're all connected by it.  I am incredibly fortunate to be able to connect with that energy in many ways.  It started when I was a child and became stronger throughout my college years, but it wasn't until I was in my 40's, learning the practice of Reiki healing, that I realized my gift.  Thankfully, I had the right guidance and support at the time.  i now have a life i only previously dreamed possible.

Over the years I have read many people, animals and spirits, each unique in their own way.  Messages that come through always seem to have one common thread - healing.  Whether it's for those of us here in the present, our beloved pets or those who have passed away, communication always comes down to spiritual healing so that our souls may grow and move closer to peace and happiness.  My intention in doing this work is to only be helpful, to act as a catalyst and facilitator for healing in whatever way possible.   

With the support and love of my family, friends and the amazing souls I get to connect with on a regular basis, I have finally found my divine purpose in this lifetime.  to all of you and to those who guide me from above, I am forever grateful.