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Q:  What's the difference between an Intuitive, Psychic, Empath and a Medium?

A:  An Intuitive has the ability to tap into subconscious information in order to provide guidance about everyday life and communicate with other living beings.  A Psychic has the ability to perceive information by ESP (extra-sensory perception) including predicting the future and communication with non-physical beings.  A Psychic also has the ability to sense missing objects or people.  An Empath is able to feel others' emotions as their own, to scan another's energy for thoughts, feelings and past/present/future life occurrences.  A Medium is a Psychic who can communicate with the energy of those who have passed away/spirits.  A Medium can feel and/or hear thoughts/voices/mental impressions from the Spirit World and become completely receptive to the higher frequency on which spirits vibrate.

Q:  What is a Clairvoyant?

A:  A Clairvoyant is able to perceive events in the future by 'seeing' them in their mind's eye..  A Clairsentient is able to 'feel' an event, person or situation in the past, present or future without prior knowledge or understanding.  A Clairaudient is able to 'hear' information that is inaudible to others.  A Claircognizant has the intuitive ability of clear 'knowing', of acquiring knowledge without logic, reason , memory or prior knowledge or understanding.

Q: What abilities does Jen have?

A:  Jen has all of the above.

Q:  Can Jen diagnose illness?

A:  No.  Although she is an orthopedic Physical Therapist, she IS NOT a Medical Intuitive.

Q:  How does information come to her during a reading?

A:  Through meditative breathing, Jen clears her mind of all thoughts, ideas, biases, knowledge and preconceived notions of what information will come through.  She turns herself into a "channel", so to speak, so that messages and information can come through clearly.

Q:  Does my animal need to be present for a reading?

A:  No.  Jen just needs two photos of the pet in which the eyes are very clear.

Q:  How can I pay?

A:  Sessions can be purchased directly through this website using PayPal, or payment can be made with cash, Venmo (@Jennifer-Luciana-16), Zelle (646.334.1735) or credit card.

Q:  What if I'm scared to hear bad news or don't want to know if bad news is coming?

A:  If there's something you'd rather not know about, just tell Jen at the beginning of the session.  It's all ok!