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"Amazing!  Thank you so much.  I can't even express to you how grateful I am." - C, Greenwich, CT, 2/2021

"that was Frankie!  You were talking to Frankie!" - C, Palm Beach, Fl, 1/2021

"Thank you, Jen!!!!!  This was wonderful!!! We really appreciate it!!" - L, Fairfield, CT, 1/2021

"Thank you so much for the guidance and care in successfully helping us find our fur baby! You were spot on! You kindness and care will forever be in our hearts! I cannot thank you enough!!" - M, Harveys Lake, PA, 1/2021

"OMG Jen, just OMG... am sending tons of friends to you!" - G, Palm Beach, FL, 1/2021

"I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Tom Tom's safe return, but most of all I'd like to thank a phenomenal cat whisperer, @therealjenniferluciana, who communicated with Tom Tom.  I can hear you all shaking your heads and poopooing this technique, but let me tell you, within 2 hours of her talking to him and relaying the info to me, he was in our back yard!  And she has certifications left and right, including Reiki practitioner.  She also allayed my fears about him being hungry..." - M, NY, NY, 12/2020

"New vet came out for T and found that spot in his mouth you told me about. Said his teeth 'hook' a little back there because they aren't properly aligned. We'll get them floated every 6-12 months. Just wanted you to know - so amazing how on point you were." - E, NY, 12/2020

"Hi Jen, I wanted to tell you...You had said originally Benny hears everyone talking about putting her down and she felt it was rude... she is right LOL, but every time after that I noticed if someone started to talk like that she would stop what she was doing and turn and look at me.  I would try to redirect the conversation. LOL  But I am not kidding.  EVERY TIME." - T, NY, 12/2020

"Hi Jennifer!  Just wanted to thank you again for speaking with (our dog) Frog.  We moved her bed and have been giving her more attention.  She has been responding very well.  I honestly haven't seen her tail wag so much.  Thank you again." - M, Ct, 12/2020

"I had been introduced to Jen through a good friend of mine.  I was heartbroken from my dog Gema passing away and could not let go.  I had been told that Jen had a gift of connecting with animals, but when I met her she was more than that.  She is in our day and age a REAL ANGEL living here on earth.  She is blessed with gifts that cannot be taught.  She is an inspiration of what it takes to tap into the self, listen and follow your true purpose.  She is a leader of light.  Without her connecting to my Gem girl (which she was soooo spot on!) and giving me true guidance I'm not sure how much longer I could hold on.  She gave me more than a connection, she gave words of wisdom that I NEEDED to hear.  I now am not only a FAN, but a loyal client.  Whether a card reading, connecting with those you miss and love, the BEAUTIFUL jewelry she makes or her knowledge on how to remain HEALTHY, you will see that she never skips a beat!  I love Jen and you will, too!" - D, NY 10/2020

"Dear Jen, your presence yesterday here at our house has made such a positive impact in our lives.  I truly thank you for your work.  Love and Hugs!" - R, Westchester County, NY, 10/2020

"My Tarot experience with Medium Jennifer was mind blowing.  She was on point with my present and past.  She had seen things that would happen with my son.  It was painful, but she shared it.  I tried my best for it not to happen, but it did. She told me about things that were toxic in my life, things I had to let go of to see my life bloom.  I held on even though it was toxic, due to fear.  But - to God be the glory - I filed for my divorce and a burden has been lifted.  What can I say about Jen?  She's honest, real and authentic.  It's not about money, it's about a gift that the almighty father Jesus Christ has blessed her with." - N, NYC, 10/2020

"Jen helped us locate our lost dog. She knew that he had died after having been hit. She gave us specific details about his location and that's where we found him. I am heartbroken that he's gone, but at least I now have closure." - M, CT, 8/2020

"Jen is a gifted, kind, & compassionate animal communicator. Jen has helped me on numerous occasions  get to the root of behavior problems and help identity medical issues with my cats, dogs, and horses.  Most recently my English Mastiff, "Maui", was displaying a drastic change in his level of energy. Although alarmed, I scheduled an appointment with Jen before running to the vet, telling her only that Maui seemed “off”. Jen immediately picked up on the root of the problem, also describing physical signs that Maui had been presenting.  Her insights helped me see that his physical issues were connected to his behavioral change. She presented the information in a gentle way, described what he needed and made suggestions to help him return to his normal happy, energetic (for a Mastiff) self.  Immediately following his session with Jen, Maui bounded around the perimeter of our house – something he is notorious for - yet I haven't seen him do in a long time. It was like a weight was lifted off his shoulders to have said what was on his mind.  I am not only happy but relieved to say that I have my happy, bubbly, playful buddy back. Jen is not only worth every penny, but worth her weight in gold!" S, Wilton, CT, 8/2020

"Thanks Jen, for helping me troubleshoot where my pony's pain is and for the other valuable information shared about his needs. I feel so much more confident that I can keep him comfortable and increase his quality of life both physically and mentality. Can't wait to hear what the rest of the herd and my pack of dogs has to say!" - C, Tennessee, 6/2020

"Thank you, dear friend, with the great info and help with Fodderwing... from physical explanations to her penchant for mealworms... spot on!  You are a great help to this zoo.  Hell, even Cinmin will talk to you.  I will continue with her with great hope now..." A, Shelton, CT, 6/2020

"Jen helped me to connect to my 12 year old cat, Chuck.  We were worried about his health and emotional well being.  We had such an interesting session, and I learned so much about Chuck that I didn't know before.  I even asked Chuck to help bridge a gap between the two other cats in our household as they didn't get along.  Since then, all of the cats have been doing great.  Jen was spot on with so many things I asked her.  Thank you Jen!" - A, New York, 5/2020

"I was already a believer that humans can connect with animals - some more accurately than others! But it was so refreshing to have Jen plug in with my horse and precisely relay not only his personality, but his likes and dislikes. He had a touch of colic the day we connected and Jen was spot on with flagging this. My boy had some questions for me too, and it was amazing to be able to reaffirm things for him. Now, off to do the good work of improving things he doesn’t like and taking care of him in the best way possible. Thank you, Jen." - E, New York, NY, 5/2020

"Amazing ability to connect with animals that has helped see recent devastating losses through a more peaceful lens. Wonderful human and professional." - M, Tucson, AZ, 4/2020

"Jen was SPOT ON.  That's crazy." - S, Nashville, TN, 3/2020

"Jen made a believer out of me, 100%." - G, Harrison, NY, 3/2020

"Thank you, Jen, for such an amazing and wonderful opportunity to connect with Elliot again." - P, New York, NY, 2/2020

"My dog, Mickey, suffered from serious anxiety whenever he was in the car. It was a problem. Jen worked with him one afternoon and ever since he's been a different dog. Lower anxiety, better in the car. Jen was so helpful." - A, White Plains, NY, 12/2019

"Jen is great! She was able to share with us what she learned about his emotional state and how we can help him with our ride or care of him." - C, Larchmont, NY, 11/2019


"Dear Jen, I have to tell you something funny. So, I was a bit skeptical about the left front foot thing that you said Teddy told you. Teddy's always had great feet and no problems in the front legs. When I got to the barn on Saturday, there was a bill from my farrier from March 10 for a reset. Teddy had thrown his LEFT FRONT SHOE!  Anyway, I talked to my trainer and asked her to pull his shoes. Now he has no shoes and no boots! I think he'll be very happy." - L, Chicago, IL, 9/2019

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"Thanks to Jen, we found out that my horse is not ambidextrous as most horses are. After only six months of work he is a completely different horse." -A, Scarsdale, NY, 4/2019

"Jen helped me find out​ that my horse wanted to change stalls, and now his behavior has completely changed!" -A, Mamaroneck, NY, 3/2019