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The Process

For Psychic Readings and Communication with the deceased, clients can give as little or as much information as they feel comfortable with ahead of time.  After giving permission to connect with your energy and that of those who have passed, I write down all information that comes in (you will get this information to take home.)  You are free to ask questions and record the session.  Please note that I have no control over which souls show up or what messages they want to convey, unless we ask to connect with a specific soul.  If there is a specific soul that you'd like to connect with, clients are asked to give me two photographs of that soul where the eyes are very clear. Blurry photos don't work, unfortunately.  If you don't hear from a specific soul during a session, we can try to connect before the session is over.  Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to gather information from objects that belong to a soul that has passed away.

For Animal Communication, deceased pet communication or lost pet recovery my process is similar.  Clients provide me with the name of the pet and two photographs in which the animal's eyes are clearly visible.  Recent photos are best, but I can work with whatever you have.  I connect with that animal's energy and collect as much information as possible.  I write everything down as I go (you will receive these notes at the end of the session.)  I then contact the client and review all of the information.  If there are further questions we connect again, this time together.  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a lost pet will be found.

Tarot Card Readings can be done in person or virtually without any difficulty or decrease in effectiveness.  You are encouraged to record your session if so desired.

This work can be very difficult and emotional.  It is a gift and honor for me to be able to connect with all souls, and my intention is to use my abilities in a positive way.  If you're unsure if a session is right for you, please ask for references.