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    I'm Jennifer,

  • “I speak energy. I channel spirit. I move through vibration and light. I am the voice for the soul.”

    ~ Jilliane Marie

I'm Jennifer,

“I speak energy. I channel spirit. I move through vibration and light. I am the voice for the soul.”

~ Jilliane Marie

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Holds Energy,
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"Thank you, dear friend, with the great info and help with Fodderwing... from physical explanations to her penchant for mealworms... spot on! You are a great help to this zoo. Hell, even Cinmin will talk to you. I will continue with her with great hope now..."

Andrea, Shelton, CT

"Jen helped me to connect to my 12 year old cat, Chuck. We were worried about his health and emotional well being. We had such an interesting session, and I learned so much about Chuck that I didn't know before. I even asked Chuck to help bridge a gap between the two other cats in our household as they didn't get along. Since then, all of the cats have been doing great. Jen was spot on with so many things I asked her. Thank you Jen!"

Annie, New York, NY

"I was already a believer that humans can connect with animals - some more accurately than others! But it was so refreshing to have Jen plug in with my horse and precisely relay not only his personality, but his likes and dislikes. He had a touch of colic the day we connected and Jen was spot on with flagging this. My boy had some questions for me too, and it was amazing to be able to reaffirm things for him. Now, off to do the good work of improving things he doesn’t like and taking care of him in the best way possible. Thank you, Jen."

- Erin, New York, NY

"Amazing ability to connect with animals that have helped see recent devastating losses through a more peaceful lens. Wonderful human and professional."

Molly, Tucson, AZ

"I was recently referred to Jen because my 11-year-old beloved cat was hospitalized. Had it not been for Jen, Reni may not have been here today. She totally nailed Reni's personality in her readings so I trusted the information given to me. Jen is a beautiful soul, who is very caring and compassionate, and practices her craft with integrity. I've worked with a lot of energy healers, mediums and psychics, and Jen is definitely the real deal! I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to communicate with their beloved pets."

Jackie, St. Louis, MO

"Jen made a believer out of me, 100%."

Gregg, Harrison, NY

"Thank you, Jen, for such an amazing and wonderful opportunity to connect with Elliot again."

Patti, New York, NY

"My dog, Mickey, suffered from serious anxiety whenever he was in the car. It was a problem. Jen worked with him one afternoon and ever since he's been a different dog. Lower anxiety, better in the car. Jen was so helpful."

Annie, White Plains, NY

"Jen is great! She was able to share with us what she learned about his emotional state and how we can help him with our ride or care of him."

Carly, Larchmont, NY