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Welcome to Little Light Gems!
In March of 2017 I tried try my hand making something at the local bead shop. I felt exhilarated by the colors and energies of the beads and was instantly hooked. By May I had made over 70 beaded bracelets and knew I was just getting started. Since then I've learned about the unique properties and traditional uses of semiprecious stones and crystals in the healing arts. My intention is to create beautiful jewelry that helps support and bring to people whatever they may need in life... a boost of positivity, strength, love...
In my own way, spreading a little love and light in the world.

10% of all sales of Little Light Gems jewelry goes to the following charities:
Animal Aid/India
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
13 Hands Equine Rescue, Inc.
Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary
Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue
Soldier Solutions, LLC

I wear many hats in my life and feel extremely fortunate to love what I do, every single day.
Thank you for your interest and support.
Stay Blessed,
Jen Luciana
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"Last night our friend + animal communicator, Jennifer Luciana came by to visit the barn. Jennifer came into our life when I lost Professor Poofers last year. She did a reading with us + to help Poofers find his way back home. 6 months ago I did a reading with Jennifer + my dad. It took me 11 years to finally come to a place in my life where I was ready to talk to him. It was the most incredible experience of my life. Even if he was shaking his finger at Regina and yelling at her 3 days after my reading with Dad, Taki (my horse) came to me. Jennifer has done multiple readings with Taki and I. We even had one a few days after our accident. On all of the previous times she’s chatted with him I’ve always had SO MANY questions for him. This time I had none. The last few weeks we’ve started all over and I decided when he wants me to know he will always tell me. I always tell him he’s my brave boy. Well, he told me that he just wants me to be brave like I want him to be. He also told Regina that he doesn’t like being called Shithead and that he prefers Big Boy. Jennifer offers a variety of readings with passed loved ones, present animals, passed animals, tarot card readings and cleansings... We can’t recommend Jennifer enough!"

Jenna, NY 8/2021

"All my people who had a reading were amazed at how right on she was ! Also very nice and friendly!"

Diane, NYC 8/2021

"I thought you'd want to know that we finally got a diagnosis after you suggested a return to the bloodwork... the disease is coming from his brain - just like you said. We are starting a new course of treatment and hopeful that our boy will be back to normal soon!"

S, NY 7/2021

"after our session the flood gates opened up and I feel a real sense of peace. It's the first time [since his passing] that I really cried. Thanks, Jennifer. This helped a lot."

K, HI 7/2021

"Although my dog was up in age, her death was unexpected. I reached out to Jen, hoping I could get some insights on my pet's life and our relationship. Jen provided specific observations as she was connecting to my pet. I believe that my pet's individual life and spiritual journey are just as important as my own. Speaking with Jen gave me a better understanding of that. It was an uplifting experience which is helping me to better cope with the loss of my beloved pet. Thank you, Jen!"

K, NY 6/2021

Jen did a reading for me and told me that I needed to have bloodwork done on my dog, that something was up with her. She didn't know exactly what was wrong, but knew that I had to get bloodwork done and that I shouldn't put it off. Well, thank goodness that I listened to her. It turns out that my dog has a tick-borne disease called Anaplasma which is (thankfully) treatable. If Jen hadn't said something this could have been problematic for my dog if left untreated. Thank you, Jen."

A, White Plains, NY, 6/2021

"This has been amazing. Thank you, Jen. I can't wait to refer my friends to you!"

C, San Diego, CA 6/2021

"That was SO helpful! She's definitely barking less. It was incredibly helpful. Amazing."

C, CA 6/2021

"Thank you so much. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from me."

C, FL 5/2021